Real Estate

When it comes to commercial real estate, attorney Michael Parnas is your go-to legal professional. For years, he has been helping companies in their real estate transactions. He also represents developers and drafts up commercial leases. Attorney Michael Parnas is there to protect his business clients’ best interests and their real estate investments.

Commercial Real Estate Services: The Parnas Law Firm

Attorney Michael Parnas renders advice to developers regarding property transactions. He gives advice about land suitability, regional and jurisdictional building laws, taxes and assists with the closing if the client decides to purchase the property. He also provides title opinions. Attorney Michael Parnas conducts a title search, checks for liens and files all the appropriate and required paperwork. He drafts, reviews, revises and negotiates commercial sales agreements on behalf of his clients. There’s a lot of monies on the table with commercial real estate transactions, and attorney Michael Parnas is there to protect your commercial wallet.

Commercial Leases and Litigation: Attorney Michael Parnas

Attorney Michael Parnas is an experienced commercial litigator. He has successfully represented landlords who have been sued by tenants regarding rental contracts and has represented developers sued by investors. Attorney Michael Parnas uses his experience and knowledge for a win. He drafts legal complaints and answers interrogatories. And if the case goes to trial, he aggressively represents his clients before the judge or jury. He also has experience in arbitration involving real estate contract disputes. Sometimes, real estate contracts stipulate arbitration for the resolution of disputes.

Complex laws surround commercial real estate. There’s statutes, regulations and property law at the local and federal levels. Commercial real estate law embraces many legal functions, such as purchase, development, construction, financing, leasing and sale of commercial properties. From purchase agreements and zoning ordinances to mortgage information and closing documents, attorney Michael Parnas can advise you on the acquisition of non-residential property.

Whether it’s a retail store, warehouse or office space, commercial real estate is often critical to your business’s growth and long-term success. Let attorney Michael Parnas help you understand and evaluate your options. He will carefully review the sales or lease agreements to ensure it’s in your best interests. Let his experience, in-depth knowledge of real estate property law and legal savvy work for you.

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