Estate Planning and Probate

It’s never too soon to take care of estate planning, even if you don’t have a large estate. With proper estate planning, you can ensure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes. Give your assets to your heirs or to your favorite charities using the right wills and trusts with the help of attorney Michael Parnas. Attorney Michael Parnas has helped many clients organize and set up their affairs with the proper legal documents. He has also assisted clients in probate administration.

Wills and Trusts: Attorney Michael Parnas

Attorney Michael Parnas has experience and an in-depth knowledge of estate planning instruments. There are many types of wills, including living, simple, conditional, joint and reciprocal. Living wills don’t distribute assets after your death but outline instructions what type of medical treatment you want in the event you become incapacitated. Simple wills work well for those with uncomplicated estates. Couples can opt for a joint will to leave everything to the surviving partner or to outline who inherits the estate after the second person passes. Attorney Michael Parnas helps clients choose the best type of will that meets their needs, wants and circumstances.

The main advantages of trusts is that they allow you to put conditions on how assets are distributed after your death, reduce gift and estate taxes, avoid the delay and cost of probate court and protect assets from lawsuits and creditors. From special needs trusts and generation-skipping trusts to irrevocable life insurance trusts and qualified terminable interest property trusts, attorney Michael Parnas assists clients in setting up the best trusts for their individual circumstances.

Probate: The Law Office of Michael Parnas

As an experienced probate lawyer, Michael Parnas assists clients throughout the whole probate process. This includes:

  • Locating probate assets and non-probate assets
  • Filing all documents required by the probate court
  • Advising on outstanding debts
  • Obtaining appraisals of the decedent’s property
  • Making proper elections with IRAs and retirement plans
  • Collecting insurance proceeds
  • Payment of estate taxes and inheritance taxes
  • Assisting with the sale of estate property
  • Addressing income tax issues
  • Settling disputes among beneficiaries

If you’re considering estate planning or are facing the probate process, turn to attorney Michael Parnas for legal guidance and assistance. He’ll ensure that you’ve got all your ducks lined up in a row and that the probate process runs smoothly.

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