Civil Litigation

Civil litigation involves legal disputes between two or more parties seeing specific performance or money damages instead of criminal sanctions. Attorney Michael Parnas has experience in a variety of different types of civil litigation cases including divorce, collection, contract disputes and personal injury.

Family Law

Sometimes, the issues surrounding a divorce cannot be settled through mediation or among couples themselves. Whether you are filing an action or defending one, attorney Michael Parnas can represent you and present your case in the best light to the judge to protect your best interests. He renders clients advice on how specific issues have been dealt with by judges based on his past experience, explains the family court process and keeps clients up-to-date as their case progresses. He also assists in filing motions to modify child custody and child support.


Every business has the right to use the law to claim repayment. It’s often an end-of-the-line action that businesses have to take to realign profit margins. Attorney Michael Parnas helps businesses file a lawsuit against defaulting consumers for the right reasons. A win is surely possible when the consumer has the assets to repay the debt, the size of the debt is considerable, the consumer has been unresponsive to repayment negotiations and previous collection methods have proved fruitless. Attorney Michael Parnas ensures that nonpayment doesn’t take a toll on your business operations.

Contract Actions

Written contracts outline the duties and responsibilities of all involved parties. When one party breaches a duty, the other party can take legal action for performance or loss of monies due to the breach. Attorney Michael Parnas prepares contract actions to modify the terms of the contract or to expand its scope.

Personal Injury: Plaintiff’s and Insurance Representation

Attorney Michael Parnas is experienced in representing plaintiff’s in personal injury claims and representing a defense for insurance companies. On the plaintiffs’ side, he firmly establishes the elements of negligence, including a breach of reasonable care and direct causation of injuries. He is there to ensure that his clients receive fair compensation for damages. On the defendant’s side, he is there to protect the best interests of the insurance carrier. Depending on the case, there may not be negligence or the request for amount of damages may be excessive.

When it comes to civil litigation cases, attorney Michael Parnas is a powerful litigator. Let his skills works for you.

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