Business and Employment Law

Starting and running a business takes savvy and making all the right decisions. From the choice in business entity and writing of contracts to settling business disputes and handling employment discrimination cases, having an experienced business law attorney like Michael Parnas in your corner helps daily operations run smooth.

Business Organization

Acting as general counsel to small and mid-sized companies, attorney Michael Parnas helps companies choose the best entity for their goals and individual situation. The different types of entities include sole proprietorship, corporation, LLC and partnership. The form chosen will affect the company’s income tax treatment and owner’s legal liability. Attorney Michael Parnas guides clients to choosing a business organization for personal asset protection. For example, a sole proprietorship for a high-risk business would not be a good choice because it puts personal assets at risk.

Contracts and Agreements

Written contracts and agreements can be between two or more parties and are enforceable. Attorney Michael Parnas drafts, reviews and revises contracts for his business clients. His approach when drafting contracts is straightforward with easily understandable language. This way, all parties in the contract know their duties and responsibilities. This helps avoid potential problems down the road.

Contract Disputes

At times, disputes may arise among those in a contract. Goods may have not been delivered, or payment may not have been rendered. Sometimes, there is a clause in the contract that stipulates the arbitration process must be used to resolve contract disputes. Attorney Michael Parnas is experienced in the arbitration process and preps clients for their presentation at the meetings.

Employment Law and Discrimination

From hiring employees to firing employees and salary to severance pay, employment law has regulations and guidelines. As a general counsel to companies, attorney Michael Parnas advises clients on best practices. And if an employee files a discrimination claim for gender, race, age, pregnancy and other protected classes, he will investigate the matter and represent clients at hearings and court trials.

Operating a business take a lot of management and time. Business owners must stay focused on conducting daily operations to stay ahead. When you’re facing a business issue or need a contract drafted, let attorney Michael Parnas handle it. This way, you can focus on what you do best – business.

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